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Fight reels are now becoming an essential part of your portfolio. Any actor can create a competent fight scene with the correct guidance, tutelage and filming. 

Working together with professional film and stage fight chorographers we can create a short but impactful fight scene for you. 



Sam Kahn 

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Mark Hunter


The process will require a minimum of two full days. Day one will be learning the fight chorography. The second day will consist of filming on location. The fight will be curated to suite your abilities from trained and experienced professionals. A free consultation is also optional to discuss ideas and pricing as each reel is cost dependant on weapons and locations. 

Price Between £400 - £2000 Depending on size

I work in partnership with two experienced fight choreographers based in London. 

Sam Kahn is a Fight Director and Choreographer, Stunt Co-Ordinator, and is a Certified Teacher with the British Association of Fighting for Film and the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat.

He has Designed and Directed Fights with a Large Variety of Weapons, from Historical Beatings to Fights of Fantasy. Following his Qualification with the BASSC, he has continued to instruct Students in the arts of Staged Violence, teaching courses that result in an Industry Recognised Qualification

I am a professional actor, fight performer and fight director. I graduated from East 15 stage school with a BA(hons) in Acting and Stage Combat. Now I am driven to share my skills with others. ​ Stage Combat is a huge part of my life - it is my job but also part of my fitness regime and general enjoyment. ​ On top of this I also have over 6 years experience studying HEMA. ​ I established Hunters Stage Combat as a club that welcomes anyone, with or without any previous experience, from the Greater London area. Enhanced DBS and accredited first aid certificates.

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