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About Me

Ever since I was a little boy I've always wanted to plagiarise film quotes.

That and make movies.

After attending university at Farnham film school I worked as a production

assistant for London television companies like Shine, RDF and Tiger Aspect.

From there I spent time as a Camera Assistant working on adverts and short films.

After that I worked at Sky TV as a producer, editor, and for a short time presenter. 


10 years at Sky made me miss film and upon leaving I studied acting at The International School of Screen Acting at 3 Mills Studios in London.


Helping other actors create the best footage for themselves is a great joy and I feel I have the benefit of both sides of the preverbal coin. Understanding behind the camera, post production and acting means I can best understand and help you produce the best show reel scenes.

I also understand the stress and pressure that goes with trying to get the best footage for casting directors. Therefore, it is my upmost intention to create a fun working environment, free of stress and worry. This is a fun industry, and it should stay that way. 

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